One Liners from God

Almighty Quips that Changed my Life


Patsy Mathieu Moore

And God looked down on the earth and decided that New Orleans would be perfect—the perfect location to place His newest little baby, Patricia Ann Mathieu.  I couldn’t have agreed with Him more.  (Just an FYI, “Mathieu” is French for the English “Matthew”, and they’re pronounced the same in New Orleans.)


I loved growing up in New Orleans, and I was fortunate to be able to attend Ursuline Academy, the oldest continuously operating school for girls in the United States, founded in 1727.    I received a rich heritage as a child, both at school and with my family that is still impacting my life today.


After Ursuline, I graduated from Newcomb College of Tulane University where I met and married the man of my life, Mike.  Later I receive my Masters in Education Administration from Oral Roberts University where,  I’m happy to say,  I finally got the honors with the diploma!  I served as principal/administrator for a private school for 10 years, and it was there that I learned that I had a love for teaching.


Three children, three new married-in children, and six grandchildren later, I find myself pursuing other interests. I have been on and off the stage since I was six-years-old.  Sometimes it was for speech class, at other times school productions, but mostly it was in my childhood home doing “you’d better come and watch my performance in the living room after dinner productions”. Speech and debate competitions were also an important part of my life, mainly because I got to get out of school to participate in competitions all over Louisiana.  (Anything to get out of school!)


You could classify me as an organizer, creator, food evangelist, and incurable communicator. My life radically changed when I discovered in John 15:15 that God was my friend and I was His friend.  Helping others realize how this simple truth can radically change their lives is my passion!


Practical, funny, easy to read and delightful, you will enjoy Patsy's real-life stories and the one-liners God dropped on her to reveal His truth.


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